Two Bright Bits for August

At the beginning of August, another anthology hit the market.  The book is Strangely Funny II from Mystery and Horror, LLC, and the story is “Up on the Housetop, Gargoyle Paws.”  It is, as one might guess, a humorous interaction with gargoyles, specifically the gargoyles of the Biltmore mansion in Asheville, NC.  Strangely Funny II can be found on Amazon in both paperback and ebook editions (and be careful typing “strangely” or it comes out “strangle” with an entirely different type of book) at

The other happy news is about another short story sale, this one to Our World of Horror, an anthology of modern day terror from Eldritch Press.  The story is “Demon in the Congregation” with Chapman and everybody’s favorite demon Soulstalker.  I’ve been writing about Chapman in stories and novels since 1990, and this story was finished in 2005.  It sold once before in 2010, but that anthology folded without seeing  print.  Coincidentally, an earlier sale this year was another, even older Chapman story, so the poor, demon-possessed kid is finally going public with two stories this year.

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