A Little Something For Everyone

First time I’ve had the experience of a whole cluster of my anthologies hitting the bookstores within a few weeks of each other.  Cluster is in this case means three, and because each one is very different in genre from its siblings, these should appeal to a wide range of reading tastes.  Most recent to appear is Tales of the Black Arts: A Sword and Sorcery Anthology from Hazardous Press.  These are fantasy tales of wizards and warriors, possibly with a dark fantasy slant.  I don’t know for sure because my copy hasn’t arrived yet, but the title seems on the dark side.  My story “Flames of Madness” is definitely a little dark as it deals with the connection between magic and madness.  Tales of the Black Arts is available in Kindle and paperback versions at http://www.amazon.com/dp/0692223452.  Madness is also the center of the plot in “Perfect Memory,” my story in Trust and Treachery: Tales of Power and Intrigue from Dark Quest.  These tales are described as “stories that will linger in your mind,” which is ironic, considering my story tracks the descent of someone losing his memory after a treacherous encounter.  This book is available in paperback at http://www.amazon.com/dp/1937051919.  And rounding this trio of delights is World Weaver Press’s anthology Far Orbits: Speculative Space Adventures with my story “Charnelhouse.”  Yes, with a story title like that, how can this plot be anything but dark?  But it also has its funny moments.  The anthology itself is solidly science fiction for all of you sci-fi readers out there.  It comes in Kindle and paperback editions at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00JSKGR6Y.  So a little something for everyone this summer.

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