5th Time’s the Charm

I just heard back from editor Elisabeth Waters of the Sword & Sorceress series, and it’s a yes to my submission for Volume 29.  This makes five years running that I’ve sold to Sword & Sorceress, one of the premier fantasy anthologies.  The story, “Dead Hand of the Past,” continues the adventures of Jenna the tavern wench turned exorcist who was also the subject of last year’s story “Dead Salt” and the year before that with “Grave Gold.”  If you notice a certain pattern to the titles, remember the protagonist talks to ghosts, and the plots necessarily revolve around dead people.  This year I debated whether to continue with another Jenna story, but the debate is over for a while.  This third story has spawned related ideas for a fourth and fifth story for the next two volumes of the anthology.  The new Sword & Sorceress 29 will be published as print and ebook in November of 2014.

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