Bram Stoker Award!

On May 10, 2014, the winners of the Bram Stoker Awards for works published in 2013 were announced at the World Horror Convention in Portland, Oregon.  The awards have been presented by the Horror Writers Association since 1987.  Stephen King won “Superior Achievement in a Novel” with Doctor Sleep (Scribner), but that’s not what grabbed my attention.  In the category “ Superior Achievement in an Anthology,” the winner was . . . After Death (Dark Moon Books). That’s one of my anthologies with my short story “Like a Bat Out of Hell.”  Editor Eric J. Guignard is no stranger to awards and this his latest anthology has been well reviewed since publication.  And now it’s an award winning anthology as well.  Named for the 19th century author of Dracula, these awards represent the pinnacle of dark fantasy and horror fiction, and being part of the win is a heady feeling.  To date, my writing process has been included writing, revising, and being published.  Now suddenly I’m aware of a whole new layer at the top end called “winning an award.”  It’s a pleasant discovery.

You can find After Death on Amazon .


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