Non-Sparkling Vampires

I received notice that my story “Safe Haven” has been accepted for the anthology These Vampires Don’t Sparkle.  It’s a measure of the impact of the Twilight series on vampire lore and our culture in general that such a title immediately tells the reader so much about the vampire stories included in the anthology.  My “Safe Haven” story is about friendship.  When Foxfire, a newly turned vampire goes off to find his own kind and stops checking in, his non-vampire artist friend goes in search of him.  And it’s fortunate that he does since some old nests are extraordinarily unfriendly to newbies.  This will be the first publication of my characters Foxfire and Chapman who populate a number of unpublished novels and short stories.  Despite the rampant vampirism, this is actually a comparatively light Chapman story.  Once he becomes demon-possessed, all his tales become dark, dark, dark.

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