A Wee Bit of News

My story “Firemage” just appeared in print in Wee Tales Volume 2, which is –as  it sounds — a publication aimed at a younger audience.  This experience was different for me in two ways: speed and audience.  I heard back from the publisher, Golden Fleece Press, on April 5th that they want to buy this story.  Production happened immediately and the book appeared later that same month on Amazon.  And this is my first published story aimed at a younger audience.  Because I’m writing more adult sci fi and horror these days, I tend to forget that I have a backlog of perfectly good younger stories in the inventory.  This sale is a reminder to polish up those older younger tales and send them off to age-appropriate markets.

Wee Tales Volume 2 can be found at http://www.amazon.com/dp/1511621087.

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