What Went Wrong?

To quote the Amazon blurb: “Everyone’s had THAT day—the one where a spell went south, a glitch ate some code in the doomsday device, and aliens are on the move eat your brains.”  This is the theme of the anthology What Went Wrong? My story, “Lab Rat,” follows the an atypical day in the life of an assistant to a modern mad scientist.  As events spin out of control, she has to ask herself, “Maybe I have the wrong job.”  Truer words were never spoken   What Went Wrong can be found at https://www.amazon.com/What-Went-Wrong-Jan-Flynn-ebook/dp/B01FUY9A3S?ie= UTF8&*Version*= 1&*entries*=0.

Also, in the context of bestselling Amazon authors, I broke the Top Ten . . . well, ten-thousand.  On June 3, I was up to #6,134, which is an all-time high for the years I’ve been an Amazon Author.  But two days later on June 5, I was down #79,733, which only goes to show that Fate is fickle (or in this case, book buyers).

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