Ringing Out a Record-Breaking Year

As we enter 2017, I have to ponder the literary strangeness of 2016 . . . but good strangeness.  All told, I sold 23 works of short fiction last year.  This compares with my previous record of10 sales.  And I have no clue why.  If I had submitted twice as many stories to the editorial world, there would be some sort of correlation.  But no, I submitted 90 times in 2016, compared with 140 submissions in 2015.  Yet the good news kept flowing in during the year.  Moreover, 2016 will also be the gift that keeps on giving.  Only12 of the 23 have come out in print during this past calendar year — that’s 11 more yet to appear.  As a recap, here’s the list 2016’s publications:

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