Child Prophets


The World of the Child-Prophets

But now I am alone
Abandoned by the gods I served
Feared by the younger races
Buried in the depths.

So sings the child in “Song of the Child-Prophet.”  The child encased in amberite is a relic of a by-gone age, a being created by his gods, the empire-building Highborn, for the specific purpose of world domination.  These child-prophets did not speak but could sing across the whole spectrum of human emotions, inducing fear or pain or ecstasy in their listeners.  At their worst, the singers could reduce whole civilizations to madness and chaos.
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“Homecoming” Review


Sword and Sorceress, XXV Review
10/01/2011 by Scooter Carlyle, The Portal

Sword and Sorceress, XXV, edited by Elisabeth Waters, takes the reader on a waltz through divergent worlds and heroines.  Add a dash of romance and derring-do, not to mention a generous portion of sorcery, and we’re presented with an all-encompassing panorama of awesomeness . . .
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Through the Wormhole Success


I heard back from the editors of THROUGH THE WORMHOLE sci-fi anthology. They said:

“Congratulations! Your story was selected to be included in Through the Wormhole. A TOC [Table of Contents] will soon be posted on the Library of the Living Dead website. Once the stories have been edited an email contract will be sent out to you. Thank you again for submitting your and story and welcome aboard.”

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Welcome to My Universe

Despite being in, around, and even teaching computers, technology, and internet related subjects, I’ve never had a blog before.

But with things about me, written by me, or written about things written by me spread all over the internet, it’s time for the online persona of me to have a home and hub.

Welcome, and I am glad you are here.


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“After Nightfall” Reader Review


Tommy B. Smith wrote a customer review of the Time in a Bottle anthology, and mentioned my story, “After Nightfall”.  Follow the link to check it out:

Time in a Bottle –

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