“Homecoming” Review


Sword and Sorceress, XXV Review
10/01/2011 by Scooter Carlyle, The Portal

Sword and Sorceress, XXV, edited by Elisabeth Waters, takes the reader on a waltz through divergent worlds and heroines.  Add a dash of romance and derring-do, not to mention a generous portion of sorcery, and we’re presented with an all-encompassing panorama of awesomeness . . .

Cathlin’s been dead a while.  She’s not really sure how long.  In “Homecoming” by Jonathan Shipley, she’s been called back to her ancestral hall to complete a task, which she would happily do if she could just figure out what was required.

My favorite stories are ones that inspire deep emotions.  ”Homecoming” made me long to be able to see some of those who have passed before me walk about in the flesh, even if it was for a short while.  I loved it, especially the very interesting resolution.

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