New Record for Story Submissions

Today I sent off two stories to Lightspeed and Nightmare magazines and in the process, broke my standing record for number of short story submissions in one year.  These two additions bring the total to 53 for 2012.  That tops 2010 when I submitted 52 times.  I find that 52 is a good goal in general because submitting one story per week keeps you targeted on marketing as well as writing throughout the year.  But don’t assume that these 53 stories are all new this year — that would be a feat of prolific writing.  I typically produce five or six new stories a year (while continuing to write novels) to add to the 103 existing stories and novellas that I submit and resubmit to various markets.  Twenty-eight of these have already sold once but may still go out to a reprint market now and then.  The real question, of course, is how many stories actually sell out of all these submissions.  And the answer is that the greater the number of submissions, the more possibilities exist for sales.  Beyond that, there’s no predicting.

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