Halloween News

“Grandma on Her Rocking Chair,” the dead-relatives-on-the-stairs story, is now available.  Strange Lucky Halloween is out from Whortleberry Press and can be ordered at http://www.lulu.com/shop/jean-goldstrom/strange-lucky-halloween/paperback/product-21183612.html. And there’s more news . . . Phobos Magazine that publishes weird tales in Philadelphia has accepted “Under Two Moons” for its zugzwang-themed issue.  Now zugzwang is an interesting word, a term less German than chess.  It refers to having to move when there are no good options available and your move will only worsen your position.  That’s what the Phobos editors wanted for this issue of the magazine — protagonists forced to make impossible decisions where there’s no good outcome in sight.  My science-fiction story follows a low-level diplomat who is thrust into an interplanetary  murder investigation that gets worse and worse as the facts become clearer.   This issue should be out soon.

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