Gods and Emperors and Bears . . . oh my!

I’ve heard back that Third Flatiron Publications wants to buy my story “Gods and Emperors” for its LOST WORLDS e-anthology! These are same folks who bought “Fate’s Finger” for their PLAYING WITH FIRE anthology earlier this year (Kindle edition available for $2.99 here).  To make things even cozier, “Fate’s Finger” is the direct sequel to “Gods and Emperors” in terms of story-arc development.  Or I suppose since “Fate” was published first, it would be more accurate to call “Gods and Emperors” a prequel, even though it was written first.  While there is world-saving going on in this story, it’s central question is actually “god” without the capital G.  How is a good Catholic girl supposed to respond to a interstellar culture that regards its greater-than-human ruler as a god?  She wrestles with this question in both “Gods and Emperors” and “Fate’s Finger.”

LOST WORLDS should be out as an e-publication in September of 2013.  These people have a fast production schedule.

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